Kenneth Mbonu

Kenneth Mbonu developed and expanded Economic Development initiatives as Principal of EastMB Group. His work focused on urban development priorities including real estate, physical infrastructure and business advisory. He played a key role in the revitalization of secondary commercial corridors in Central Brooklyn, that included real estate development, façade/ physical improvements, marketing programs that raised public awareness of retail outlets and attracted diverse businesses, business advisory, enhanced information dissemination and data collection processes.

Kenneth created and expanded Economic Development Initiatives at Bridge Street Development Corporation, worked as a corporate banker with IDB Bank, Bank of America and its predecessor Fleet Bank. As an entrepreneur he purchased, operated and sold a specialty chemical manufacturing company in Northern New Jersey. He is a CORO alumnus, certified Economic Development Finance Professional, board member of the International Charter School of New York, board advisor of Dechets a l’or and an ambassador of Brooklyn Beats Festival. “It is exciting that “The Junction” attracts students, employers, employees, visitors and residents from far and wide with its mix of specialist small and main street business as well as national retailers who all contribute to its uniqueness." “In preserving this diverse mix of businesses and maintaining favorable conditions, we want to shape the Junction for the future to benefit everyone. We want “The Junction” to involve and work with all its stakeholders in a proactive way – telling us what they’d like to see, telling us what’s best for their business – rather than just reacting to developments. I am available to meet local businesses or resident groups at their convenience to discuss concerns or ideas on how to make “The Junction” even better”