The ideals of HABNET-Haitian-American Business Network, rest on four pillars: Educate, Participate, Elevate and Empower (EPEE). As people of Haitian ancestry living in the United States, we must Educate ourselves to successfully Participate in the economic and civic life of our community in order to Elevate and Empower ourselves. Recognizing that the driving forces of American society are capitalism and democracy, we promote and support entrepreneurship, investment, and civic engagement in our community. Synchronizing and harnessing institutions that reflect these two systems simultaneously lead to true empowerment.
Jackson Rockingster
In a capitalistic and democratic society, few individuals are as influential as the entrepreneur or professional who is civically engaged.  It is our objective to Educate the people; motivate them to Participate successfully in the economic and civic life of their community; and finally, Elevate and Empower them. This is the essence of our mission.
Jackson Rockingster HABNET President and CEO