Zahava Brown, et al.
This summer, HABNET allowed me the opportunity to improve my skills in marketing, and to achieve many of the skills I wanted to learn, and I look forward to improving these skills even further in the future.
Zahava Brown, et al. Young Entrepreneur Citizen Program
Sadrack Belony, et al.
I just finished completing the HABNET Youth Empowerment Program, and I was blown away. I learned a lot about peronsal financing, health, entrepreneurship, and it was so empowering.
Sadrack Belony, et al. HABNET Empowerment Seminar
Marilyn Pierre, et al.
Much of the work I hire a CPA for I could do on my own. You don't know the power that you have within yourself to do. I've learned through this workshop to track my finances so I can better run my business.
Marilyn Pierre, et al. Haitian Family Resource Center
Melissa Severe, et al.
We want to thank HABNET for allowing us to bring this important information to the community and for connecting us with the people and continuing to do this work in the community.
Melissa Severe, et al. Former CM Jumaane D. Williams
Rev. Dr. Samuel Nicolas, et al.
I'd like to thank so much HABNET, who's been collaborating with us for bringing Haitian TPS, citizenship applications in, and we are very thankful for the work of HABNET is doing. May the work keep on expanding.
Rev. Dr. Samuel Nicolas, et al. Fishers of Men Christian Church
Michael Joseph, et al.
We just want to say thank you to HABNET for all the work they are doing for the community. We definitely appreciate it and we just pray that God continues to bless you guys and to expand all of your territories.
Michael Joseph, et al. Fishers of Men Christian Church
Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, et al.
I am honored to be here to celebrate the HABNET Gala. I've been coming here a number of years and it has absolutely grown, as this is an event that honored entrepreneurs and people that have impacted the community.
Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, et al. HABNET Gala
Noel Monclas
With this HABNET meeting, I was able to get many questions answered. On numerous occasions, I have attempted to fill out this application, and it seemed impossible to complete. I definitely thank HABNET for this moment.
Noel Monclas Cinq Tech
David Morisset, et al.
Every time I come to a HABNET event, I always meet new people. Some people want to get information on how to start businesses, you have people who have been in business for 30 years, there's always a good mix.
David Morisset, et al. Law Offices of David Morisset
Jackson Rockingster
What do all wealthy people have in common? Money. What defines a wealthy person? Residual income. What's the generator of that income? Every wealthy person you can name has some kind of business.
Jackson Rockingster HABNET President & CEO
Ken Marable
At their events, HABNET has been wonderful in welcoming me into the community. I know that I can offer quality financial advice to individuals and business owners. They are an organization I'd definitely promote.
Ken Marable Prudential
Charmaine Davis, et al.
I was in the process of starting a small business that would solve disparities in healthcare, offering quality healthcare to the underserved, uninsured, and undocumented population, and I had no idea where to go for this. Because I attented the Business Corridor Forum, I was able to build connections and relationships for future correspondence.
Charmaine Davis, et al. Wings of a Dove Foundation, Inc.

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