Merchant Organizing & BID Formation is a service that we began offering in FY 2016 when Councilmember Jumaane D. Williams allocated funds to HABNET Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of organizing a Merchant Association on Nostrand Avenue from Farragut Rd to Snyder Ave. Consequently, the FS Nostrand Merchant Association (FSNMA) was formed.  FS Nostrand Merchant Association is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The “FS” in FS Nostrand indicates the boundaries of the corridor, which is from Farragut Road to Snyder Avenue.  In 2016, Council Member Jumaane D. Williams of the 45th District partnered with HABNET to facilitate the FS Nostrand Merchant Association, the first merchant association in the area in nearly two decades.  The Mission of the FS Nostrand Merchant Association is to synchronize the efforts of the merchants and residents of Nostrand Avenue toward promoting and maintaining a clean and safe environment conducive to commercial and social activity, while showcasing, supporting and preserving, the corridor’s unique and largely Caribbean characteristics.”  The Board members of the FS Nostrand Merchant Association are as follows:

Paul E. Nicolas, Chairman | Owner of TAP Services, Inc.
Dheydra Lovell, Vice-Chair | Owner of Garden of Knowledge Daycare and Learning Center
Jackson Rockingster, Coordinator | President & CEO of HABNET
Aliette Beldor | Alouette’s Beauty Salon
Leo Brown | Do Hair Manufacturing
Pamela Date |
 Fay’s Beauty Empire
Arlene Foster | Alouette’s Beauty Salon
Patrick Goby | Goby’s Barbershop
Patrice Guillaume | Olympe Pharmacy
Krystal Roberts | D’Beauty Room

Contact the FSNMA office c/o HABNET at (718) 360-5971.
There are many benefits to having a Merchant Association, including:
  • Civic engagement allows merchants to join forces
  • Networking opportunities to share information and resources
  • Collaboration among merchants to improve the commercial corridor
  • Speaking with one voice to officials & city agencies about needs and concerns